Residential Land and Development Projects

Belmont Properties
(Weston) Limited
Vaughan (Woodbridge) Single Family Residential 785 units
East Maple Creek
Medallion Homes / Pinedale Properties
Vaughan (Block 18) Residential 475 units
Wismer Commons
Developers Group Limited
Markham Project Manager for
Developers Group
1,000 acre Concession Block
H & W Developments Markham Residential High Rise 1,200 units
Delmark Investments Limited East Gwillimbury
(Sharon Village)
Residential / Mixed Use 235 units
Countrywide Homes Vaughan (Block 12) Residential 45 units
Bradford Area 4 Developers Group Inc. Bradford West Gwillimbury Trustee for Developers Group N/A
Springhill / Macwood Homes Markham
(Cornel Community)
Mixed Use Residential /
High Rise / Commercial
1,400 units
Amber Plain Investments
(Joint Venture Laurier Homes & Paradise Homes)
Markham Residential 1,710 units
Country Wide Homes /
Condor Properties
Richmond Hill Residential 15 units
Silvercore Properties Scarborough Residential 420 units
Fieldgate Developments Markham Residential 300 units
Laurier Homes King / Schomberg Residential 230 units
Garden Homes Newmarket Residential 92 units
One Post Road North York Luxury Condominium 45 units/ 150,000 ft2
Joint Venture
Markham Residential 103 units
Invar (York ) Limited Markham Residential 56 units
Cachet Woods Markham Residential 225 units
Sanderling Drive
Joint Venture
Markham Residential infill site 37 units
Bayview Parks Aurora Residential /
Gated Community
76 singles/
100 condos
Overlea Blvd. East York Conversion of office building to residential and commercial 144 units/ 19,400 ft2
Eaglebrook/Raymerville Markham Residential 216 units
Dawnwood & Campo
Joint Venture
Markham Residential 836 units
Joint Venture
Pickering Residential 747 units
Joint Venture
Richmond Hill Residential 565 units
Eaglebrook / Mintleaf Markham Residential 1500 units